Saturday, May 12, 2012

Deadlines and packing

Boy, am I ever happy to have the two quilts done that had to go out before I could go on the retreat! The black and flowery one was the difficult one. I had to sew down all the elements before quilting. It was fused, but not secured. The quilting was fun and went along nicely. The customer wanted echoing and is going to embellish it. I added some Swarovski crystals to the background to get her started!
The other quilt had yo-yos all over it, so quilting was tricky. It turned out nicely and is now going to New Jersey to be bound and sent off to a grandaughter. 
The last picture is my Mother's Day gift to myself! I sent for a kit from Quilting in the Rain after seeing it on Cluck Cluck Sew's blog. I loved it and thought I would like to make it for myself. A great retreat project.
The cookies are baked, wash is tumbling in the dryer and I have some of the sewing stuff staged and ready to go. Tomorrow I'll be on the road to Sebring for another fun WAZOO! retreat with 40 of my peeps! More to follow.
Happy Mother's Day to all you quilting Mamas!

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