Thursday, July 19, 2012

The machine has arrived!

The big day came and Tim got his Gammill. Every man toy has to have 'some assembly required' and this was no exception. After a few hours it was all set up, the dealer out the door and Tim left standing there staring at the behemoth in the kitchen and wondering if he had lost his mind. Then we got to work!
Here below, you can see Tim hard at work and his finished quilt. He did two more small charity quilts today and finally admitted that quilting is work! Thankfully, he is more comfortable on his own and asking less questions and quilting more. I finished the custom piano quilt today and have tomorrow's quilt loaded and ready to go in the morning. This truly is a great job!!

Tim starts his first project

threading the needle may be the hardest part

Off to the races!

Quilt number 2

Number 1 all done!

The customer Piano quilt

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  1. Hi! Found you on Pink Chalk, I am very envious of your studio! What a great place to work.

    But I just had to comment on your piano quilt. It is absolutely gorgeous!


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