Thursday, September 6, 2012

NO, NO! Oh Molly...

Molly was busy hunting bunnies in the back yard while Tim and I were working, and we had quite a surprise when Tim went to get her in. In case you don't know, plumbago has very sticky flowers...very sticky; especially on little white dog fur. Oh my, what a mess! Tim spent an hour picking and brushing, picking and brushing some more. Poor little girl was all spent after the exercise. Darn bunnies!

Picture this, but all over her body...

not a happy pup

cleaned up and in her favorite spot to recover.

During the week, Tim and I have been busy at the Gammills working to get the quilts back to their owners and out of the back bedroom. The most different thing was the two quilts made by friends in a block of the month club who made the same quilt. Both are lovely and equally beautiful.

BOM quilt #1

pumpkin seed quilting

pink back

BOM quilt #2

same quilting pattern, green back!

Then there was yet another one-of-a-kind creation from Carole, over at Carole's Quilts, made from biking jerseys, menswear, ties, and even team jackets! A challenge to quilt, but a great heirloom for the family who gets it.

Bicycle jersey memory quilt by Caroles Quilts

some of the quilting

Big, stiff jacket emblem tamed with stitching

A peek at the back

Can you guess where the owner is from?!

My son's quilt is on the way to Massachusetts, along with a baby quilt for one of his friends. My 'Shades of Gray' 5" blocks are off to the exchange moderator, and the dishes are done!! Wow!
Now, I'm settling in with my basket of popcorn to see what my President has to say to me tonight.

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