Friday, May 4, 2012

A week of work to see

Another week come and gone. Time flies by so quickly for me; I wish there were another couple of hours in a day. Anyhoo, I did get a bunch of quilts done for anxious customers, which also whittled down the line of tops hanging in the other room! Tomorrow, I will be making a tee shirt quilt for a customer. It will be a nice change of gears and a little diversion from quilting for hours and hours. Then, it's back to the Gammill and quilting fun. I really do love my job. The only downer is not having much time for my own sewing. Back to the time thing...if I could just figure out how to get some more time in a day. I bet you have thought the same thing, haven't you?!
Enjoy a few pictures of the quilts ready to go home with their makers.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Changing gears!

Today I did a pretty quilt for a customer. She hand embroidered it and I made the back, quilted it and applied the binding. It turned out quite nice, I think.

I looked out the window while working and there was the bright red cardinal on the bubbler! Mrs. Cardinal stayed under cover in the Queen Anne's Wreath vine, but she chirped at him to hurry up the whole time he was bathing. This pair is here all the time, and I think they are nesting now. I love my backyard view!