Saturday, June 9, 2012

Customer quilts still thrill me!

I love my job! My customers are artists, and quilting for them is a pure pleasure. Here are some of last weeks quilts. Thanks, ladies!

Friday, June 8, 2012

June is off to a good start

I'm feeling pretty good about the progress I am making on my backlog of quilts for customers, as well as my growing pile of UFOs of my own. Lately, my husband is getting into the act, trying his hand at the longarm machine. Check out his work as well as the nifty antique quilt I repaired and quilted for a customer. It really looks old after washing!

These are charity quilts I made and quilted.

I made this and Tim quilted it.

This one, too!

I made this baby quilt for Tim's great niece, not here yet, but named Grace. Tim quilted it so we both can say we made it for her.

Here is a little quilt I made to try the 'tube' method of quilting.

This is the quilt I made with the leftover blocks from Alex's quilt. It was a fun exercise, and turned out well.

 Here is the antique quilt before and after washing. Looks really antique now!