Friday, August 24, 2012

Done quilting for to Texas!

We finished up the last two quilts before flying to Texas to visit family for a week. I still have one on my machine, but couldn't finish while the handyman was here. Every time he used his compressor driven tool, my lights blinked and the machine turned off. Very bad while doing custom quilting. I had no recourse than to stop and do laundry. (ugh)
My little helper anole lizard kept me company outside the window, doing push-ups and flashing his bright orange chin flap to impress me. He posed nicely for a photo before losing interest and jumping to the shrubs below the window.
I haven't seen my folks for three years, so I am really looking forward to a nice visit. They are both almost 90 and will celebrate 70 years of marriage next year! I look at Tim and quietly hope for enduring patience. We will have our 30th on Sunday. I guess it's a good thing I don't feel like it has been 30 years; that will make the next 30 easier to enjoy.
So I will be back in a week and hope to be blogging news of hurricane Isaac and what it meant to our neighborhood. The shutters are up and we have watchful neighbors minding the homefront.
Up, up and away!!

Nice strippy customer quilt

Block and quilting detail

a peek at the back

My friend Pepe flashing his colors at me

Pepe posing for a picture. Handsome devil...

Big customer quilt on Tim's machine

He did a great job on it

Block and quilting detail

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Big quilts and beautiful applique

This was the week of the giant quilt. Tim is still working on his biggest project yet, and I finished a couple more customer quilts for Carole's Quilts before Miss Carole has some long needed back surgery. She is getting her workload pared down and I am trying to keep up with her!! The first quilt is made from tee shirts and tee shirt pockets applied to great batiks and appliqued to a black background.The second (square in a square) is made from the kerchiefs the groomer puts on the dog after it's haircut is finished. The customer saved all of them and had Carole make a quilt for her bed out of the kerchiefs. She did a great job with the materials she was given; I wish I had half her creative talent.
The last quilt is one  is so beautiful in person, the pictures here don't do it justice.My customer hand appliqued and embroidered the blocks . The fabrics are luscious and intense in color. I absolutely loved working on it. I hope you loved seeing it, too
The tee shirt quilt

quilting detail

the back

the doggie necktie quilt

quilting detail

the back

Gorgeous applique quilt

the inner border

quilting detail

hand applique and embroidered

The back is also pieced and has a bird block on it.