Sunday, September 16, 2012

Beautiful Piece O' Cake quilt

Sometimes I get a quilt that is so beautiful, it intimidates me. How do I start the quilting process? How do I quilt it and not destroy the beauty of the workmanship that went into all the perfect appliqué? This is what happened with this quilt. The hand applique is so perfect, it looks like a printed panel!! Darn, I wish I could sew like that. Anyhoo, I finally got the nerve to begin and after the stitch in the ditch and outlining the applique was done, I felt empowered and it was off to the races. The brain kicked in and then it was a joyful experience.
I guess we all need to have an inspiration kick start sometimes and this quilt was mine.
The nicest quilt I've had so far this year

Block and border quilting detail

All the blocks were adorable

I am in quilt love!

A peek at the back

After finishing the P.O.C. quilt, I needed a brain rest, so I tackled a huge Tennessee Waltz quilt. I have to bind this one, as well, so it will be my companion for a couple of nights of TV watching. I decided to give it a bit of pizzazz in the blank pillow tuck space, so I changed to a variegated thread and centered the pattern there. The rest of the quilting is in a neutral thread. Looks nice, don't you think?

100 x

Contrasting thread used in the pillow cover area

From the back if my machine table...still huge!