Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Is it work if you love it?

Back at work and enjoying the beautiful handiwork of my customers. The applique quilt with the bunny was a splendid one to spend a couple of days with; the applique was very well done and the color choices were wonderful. I love the fabrics in the turquoise stars quilt, too. Really calm and yet modern. Then there were the red polka dots and the chickens... all my friends know how much I love polka dot fabrics, and my collection of chickens is a testament to my obsession with poultry! I took loads of pictures of the chicken quilt just because it spoke to me. "You know you want to make a quilt like me" it said, "so you had better take some pictures to remember me by..." So I did what I was told! A good week all around. I truly love my job!!

The lights make the background look pinkish; it is really a cream color...

like this.

I wish the border feathers showed up better. :-(

You can see the quilting best from the back. Darn!

Great fabrics make a simple pattern shine


Simple treatment for a busy border. I'm learning...

Oooo! This is fab.

I did loads of circles in the background to accentuate the dots in the fabrics.

I love the way the pieced little borders look, and the burst of black...Wow!

a peek at the back

I recently finished a couple of quilts for the family of a quilting friend who passed away. This is one of the labels. Beautiful quilts from a beautiful lady. Her legacy is assured  because of the quilts she left behind.