Saturday, December 15, 2012

Too busy to blog?!

Oh dear, I just realized how long it has been since I last blogged, and I am so embarrassed about it. Also, I am terrified I won't get everything done on time. Every quilt is taking longer than I expected and there has been some ripping going on, too. (Not your quilt, of course...wink wink) Last week I finished a quilt with loads of blank background (see below) and now I have another one on the machine! I am happy to say I am almost finished with it, but think the one after this one is a 'deja vu' job. Oh well, it's Christmas time, I have gifts to send (or finish), cookies to bake and quilts to quilt. At least we keep busy and always have something to be thankful for. Mr. WAZOO has kept up with all his jobs and is looking for more. He has taken to the Gammill like a duck to water, bless his heart.
I am off to bed and a good night's rest before hitting the ground running tomorrow. Enjoy the photos!
Mr Wazoo's work

Mr Wazoo again

still Mr Wazoo!!

Yup...the Mr.

AHA!! After three days...MRS. Wazoo did this!

corner motif

fill and bubble elements

background and border treatments

Back to Mr Wazoo. Nice one!

Mrs Wazoo got to do this beauty

bit of a close-up

Mrs Wazoo again. I love this quilt; so happy!

all sorts of fun

more happy fun

happy snowmen

pretty block

Mr Wazoo did this bed runner

ha ha! Mrs Wazoo had fun doing this aquarium and hungry cat quilt.

one of the fishies

hidden schools of fish in the quilting

Mr Wazoo made this customer very happy

nice pattern!

another Carole's quilts creation

quilted by Mrs. Wazoo. ( it was really a tough one...)