Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mel2's comment

Amazing Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern by 3 Dudes!

Hi everyone, I had a comment from Mel2 (another blogger) but am unable to find a way to answer her (him?)
I make loads of quilts, mostly from patterns in books, magazines, and free tutorials and patterns found on line. I don't design many things, but when I do, they are mostly pictorial or whimsical quilts for one challenge or another.
I love that other people have the time and talent to design patterns for us drawing and math challenged quilters! I get inspiration from nature, architecture, photographs and sometimes from out of my own imagination. It seems there are so many quilt ideas swimming around in my head, I don't have room for much else there!
As for you, Mel2, email me and ask what quilt pattern you like, and I will try to send you an answer and even the directions for it.
Thanks for your interest in WAZOO! quilting!

My favorite charity quilt pattern
Fun Boxed Square quilt from


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