Thursday, August 15, 2013

Halfway to Texas and in for the night

The day started really early for us, and we are now enjoying some down-time in the hotel before the second leg of the trip. Tim did all the driving (it's a man thing...) and I played ipad games and ate snacks (bad Susan!!)
We saw a big battleship when going through Biloxi, as well as other big ships in port there. Otherwise, the landscape really doesn't change from home to here...flat and mostly scrubby looking. Lots of marshy fields and Interstate signs out the window. Pretty boring. I can say to my N50 gals, I am a master of the Plumber Crack game now. ha ha ha
I didn't post a pic of my parents in the last post, so I will do it now. Phyllis and Ed have been married 70 years! An inspiration to any married couple. Can't wait to see them, and all my kids together for the first time in 5 years! And the grands, too. Yahoo! Many photos later. Now, it's time for a sandwich and a dip in our whirlpool tub. (great hotel!)
Dad and Mom with my son and his wife

Phyllis and Ed, married 70 years, and now in their 90s! 

I send Dad an amaryllis bulb every year for Christmas. This is the result of one of those bulbs.

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