Saturday, April 6, 2013

No, We're not unconscious...just busy!

I realized this week that I hadn't blogged for awhile, so here I am...playing catch up. We have soooo much work to do here before the mass exodus of the snowbirds. Mr Wazoo quilts every day and I quilt on the days when I don't have guild or my other sewing group. Only Molly gets to loll around and look out the window! I did take some time last week, after the day's work was done, to quilt a couple of my UFOs and get the bindings on. When I tidied up the studio a couple of weeks ago, I found 11 UFOs and over 30 unquilted tops. Oh dear. I think it's time to get the quilting mojo going and get'em done!
Enjoy some pictures, and I'll get busy with making pizza for dinner. Yum.
UFO #1

UFO #2

And now, the customer quilts

See! We HAVE been busy!