Friday, May 3, 2013

Raffle quilt finished and preparations for Wichita

I finished the raffle quilt and handed it off to my friend Donna for a label, and now, we prepare to send it off to the NQA show in June. I'll be picking up the tickets tomorrow and then we will all get to work promoting the quilt show.
Meanwhile, Mr.Wazoo keeps plugging along and finishing customer quilts and sending them out the door with happy quilters. Sometimes it is frustrating to complete one quilt while he does three, but that's the way it is with custom quilting; slow and steady wins the race!
I have the retreat in Sebring with 33 attending starting Sunday. This time will be spent making class samples to replace ones I gave to charity. I love making them, but love giving them away even more. I get my fix seeing the kids, veterans and elderly light up when we give them a quilt. It certainly is a heart warming experience.So, I will keep turning out quilts and spreading joy by giving them away.
Here is a photo of the finished raffle quilt, 'American Treasures', and what we have been doing in the last week or so. 
American Treasures

Mr Wazoo's work

Here he is, hard at work

One of my jobs

Mr. W did this one

Customer finished her class quilt...I have 10 blocks done. I hope mine is this nice.

the quilting

another custome job

I quilted this panel, too
 Mr Wazoo did this one

and this one...

Oh yeah, this one, too
he did these baby quilts

I did this, because we had to avoid the center dots
The hopping foot got caught on them, but the quilt is so soft and pretty
 another of Mr's work

 I got to custom quilt this beauty!
mmm-mmm- good!
 Oooo, I wish it was mine

even the back is yummy!
I did this one
and this one, too. Whew! That's enough for now!!