Friday, July 5, 2013

banged up knee leads to a quilt finish!

I managed to hurt my knee in my exercise class last Wednesday and had to practice some R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation). This being said, I also got to do a little quilting...15 minutes up...20 minutes down. Fortunately, it was a holiday anyway, so there was a Twilight Zone marathon to break the monotony between quilting spurts. The quilt is Garden Path #2, made to try my written instructions for the up-coming retreat project. Everything came out fine and I got the binding on just in time for the Macy's Fourth program. Hand sewing to the music, and later to the fireworks, I finished at 11:30 and went to bed a happy (gimpy) girl. The Twilight Zone was still going on, but just how many times do I need to take the train to Willoughby? If you're a TZ freak, you'll understand.

Too rainy to go outside, this is the quilt draped over the couch

Border quilting, striped binding and some block detail

more quilting

even more quilting


Great bird fabric. Perfect for this quilt back!