Saturday, September 21, 2013

Moving along nicely

I worked all day on the guild quilt, and have almost all the background quilting done! I will finish up the last outside part of the last border, and then it's on to the colored areas. Hopefully, the entire task will be done by late tomorrow afternoon. At lest I hope so, because I have to prepare for my class and trunk show in Venice on Wednesday.
Enjoy a few shots of today's quilting progress.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Good news...Bad news

Bad news...I went to the back Dr today and I need surgery to fix the fractured vertebrae. On the bright side, it should help with the pain. Hopefully, I will have it done in the next couple of weeks and get back to my life as I knew it.
Good news...I am working on the guild raffle quilt and making nice progress despite being able to work for a few hours at a time. I did finish the king sized Sylvia's wedding quilt (from the Jennifer Chiaverini books) that I posted a view of last week. It is a fabulous quilt from a sweet lady.
Tomorrow, I will be playing a bit of hooky by taking my Red Hat peeps to a musical called Burt and Me about Burt Bacharach. I love the music and look forward to a fun afternoon out.
Here are a few peeks at the quilting in progress on the raffle quilt, as well as the finished quilt from last week.
Sylvia's wedding quilt- 140 blocks, all different

some of the 6 inch blocks

more fabulous blocks

border treatments
Guild raffle quilt

'football' quilting

I'm working the background first

feathers added, next comes the background fill

one of the embroidered blocks