Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Another beautiful quilt finished

Because I really over did it yesterday, I decided to be conservative (with work, not politics...)and work two hours, rest 30 minutes. It works! I still feel good, and I got the quilt I loaded yesterday all done. Mr.Wazoo did two quilts, just showing off...
Tomorrow, I will be loading another fabulous quilt from the queue. Truly, I love my job!
Isn't this quilt wonderful?! I love it.

Simple quilting to enhance the classic  design

Border treatment

Nice applique

A look at the back
Mr. Wazoo did this modern quilt. It spells Ava, the recipient's name.

The back is all cat and dog fabrics. (he really can't take pictures, can he?)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Back fixed, slowly getting in the swing

The surgery went well and I am home being bored silly. Paperwork and TV are not my idea of fun. Today I started quilting. Half a good idea...half a bad one. I did get the quilt done, but now my back hurts. Tomorrow I will do things slower and pace myself.
Mr Wazoo has been working every day and between quilting and mowing he has been very busy. By 8PM he is dozing in the recliner, and by 9PM he is sawing logs in bed. I'm so happy that he has been keeping up with the dishes and taking the dog out for walkies. He'll be relieved when I'm 100%.
Here are a couple of the quilts we've done last week, and some photos of the class I taught in Venice. I had a great time there. The ladies were fun and all got the project close to finished!
Until next time, Cheers!
Mr Wazoo did this nice Irish block of the month

He quilted this fruity table cloth, too

He also did this watery beauty

And he loved doing this bright quilt

We both worked on this giant quilt

Mr Wazoo did this one, too

I swear I am going to make a quilt like this! I love the color placement. Mr Wazoo quilted it

He did this one today

This is the quilt I did today, not too big, but still too much for one day

some of the quilting. Next up, the Venice class! Enjoy the slideshow.
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