Sunday, October 13, 2013

Work and fun always go together!

Mr Wazoo and I have done quite a lot of work this week, so I took a half day off and got some sewing done. It felt good to do something just for me...just for fun. I have a wonderful customer who gave me (yes, gave me...) a bag full of Liberty of London fabrics. Not just little scraps; big pieces of fabric! I have been drooling over them until last Wednesday when I took them to my sewing group and (gasp!) cut them into pieces-parts for blocks. Big fun ensued and I became obsessed with finishing the quilt. All I have left to do is hand sew the binding...tonight, after I finish writing this.
Meanwhile, I worked on some gorgeous quilts this week, as did the old man. Everybody is happy here in Wazooland. I hope you are happy, too. Just break up your work time with some self-indulgent fun!
my Liberty quilt


Mr Wazoo did this one

He did this one, too

I got to quilt this wonderfully happy quilt!

I quilted this one, too

I rather like the quilting

here's the back

I have quilted this design before, so I knew just what to do

Not only colorful, but fun to do

Mr Wazoo quilted this

I did this little wall hanging today

Well, the binding is on and sewn down, I'm enjoying SNL and Molly is snoozing on the couch. A perfect day!