Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm still here!!!

  One of my snowbird friends said she was worried about me because I hadn't blogged for quite a while. Oops! Life does get in the way sometimes, but I think it's still a good thing to stay busy and do the things that make you happy. Quilting makes me happy, so I keep busy quilting! Oh, and going to quilt Houston. Ooo-wee, that was a show and a half. It was a marathon of vendor visits and quilt peeping that tickled my fancy and wore out my newly fixed knee. I have been home four days and it is still swollen and painful. At least I can still run the big machine and get'r done! Come along and take a look at what Wazoo has been up to.
This is a booth sample from a fabric designer. I am stoked to be able to see her stuff before the rest of the world!

Great fabrics, custom quilted, but hard to see here

This is the smaller sample

the back shows the quilting better

cool circles quilted by me

men's ties memory quilt, done by me, too

Machine embroidered Christmas quilt. I did this one

Mr Wazoo has been doing tee shirt quilts

same customer, different quilt

one of my favorite customers made this. I love the window with the clamshell 'wallpaper'. Cool!

quilting in the window

clams and border quilting

meanwhile...Mr Wazoo did another tee shirt quilt

While I was in Houston, Mr W. got on the big machine for two huge quilts.
This one is a beauty!

This trip around the world is HUGE!!

YES!! I was there!

And, YES!, there were oodles of vendors...and we visited ALL of them.

Carole (green bag) with some other quilters at the photo op quilt.
They were supposed to look at the camera, but the quilt was far more interesting.

This was the best of show quilt

Our friend, Jean Smith, had three quilts in the show! This is one of them.

One special exhibit was cows with 'moo-ving' titles.
I love this one with the hotdogs for teats. Ha ha

The display of dolls was fabulous! This lady could be any of my quilting friends, right down to the tray of brownies!

The venue from my hotel window. Looks small, but it is gigantic. Look at the size of the cars next to it for perspective.

The view at dawn from our hotel room, the venue is on the right.

Good night, Houston. I hope we'll be back!

The End!