Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's beginning to look like Christmas!

Here in Florida it is hard to know what season it is, after all, it's always warm and usually green. I miss the distinct change in the air when fall turns to winter and winter becomes Christmas. This year is no's hot outside. What do you do when this is your lot in life? Decorate for Christmas!!
Tim got a real tree this year, and it smells terrific. Just like being in the woods in Wisconsin. He put the lights on last night and I set to decorating it today. Being smaller than our artificial tree, I could only put on about half of the stuff we have accumulated over 40 years, but I still love how it looks. No fancy color coordinated balls or theme going on, just a bunch of mis-matched, hand made or vacation bought trinkets that all mean something to us. If there were any kind of theme going on, I guess it would be birds. I am a sucker for anything bird, and the tree shows that trend.
In the work-a-day world, we have been doing Christmas, too. Customer quilts with Christmas themes, or for Christmas gifts, and a couple of my own quilts squeezed in for gifts from Mr Wazoo and me.We have most of them done and now we are in the catch up mode, trying to get show quilts done for the up-coming show season. I have some beauties to quilt, so I have loads of work to do. My knee is still giving me fits, so I have been very slow with the quilting. Doctor says I can try the gel in the knee in January. Until then, it is painful to walk, stand and even to sleep!
I am anticipating the grandkid's visit for Christmas, and having my oldest girl here to help with cookies will be fun. Tim is doing the outdoor illuminations and is really in the Christmas spirit, too. When he's done, I'll take a picture and post it for you! Until then, enjoy these pictures of what's up at Wazoo.
Tree with just lights

Tree all decorated. How pretty is that!

flannel quilt I made for my daughter's friend

I made a pillow to go with it, too!

Christmas quilt for my son and his wife

Customer's first quilt, all hand pieced. For her grandson.

Customer quilt for a gift

another customer gift quilt

A sister made this from Crown Royal bags for her brother

Darling customer christmas quilt

one of the blocks

the borders

customer gift quilt for her daughter's in-laws

I love this panel!! My customer made a great Christmas quilt from it, didn't she?

the Santas are so cute!!