Saturday, March 8, 2014

Day trip to the Venice show

I went up to Venice to see the quilts and say hello to my quilty friends there, and had a fun day with my girlfriends. Mr Wazoo had two quilts he quilted in the show, and one got an Honorable mention. There were all sorts of quilts, making it a diverse and wonderful show. Afterward, we tried a local restaurant for some Cuban sandwiches and fried green tomatoes. Mmmmm. Once home again, I fell asleep in my chair while reading emails. Oops!! I rarely nap, but this time I lost the battle to stay awake. I guess I really am getting old...
Here are the pictures of customer quilts, as well as the ones that tickled my fancy.
First, Mr Wazoo's customers:
I am bummed that I didn't get a full picture of this quilt. Too many people in front of it.

 These are the ones I did:

And these are the quilts in the show that I liked the best!

The points and intersections in this tiny quilt were perfect. Mind blowing accuracy.

L-O-V-E these baskets!!

All the birds had cute bead eyeballs.

The quilt is great...

but the quilting is awesome!!

More of the same quilt.

These ladies got my Viewer's choice ballot

More pretty baskets. I love basket quilts.

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