Sunday, April 20, 2014

Trouble in Paradise...

I finished the quilt top this morning and made a lovely pieced backing. Things were going swimmingly; quilt loaded, pattern chosen and bobbins wound. Off to the races! Clickety, clickety, whackety, BANG!! Titanium needle broke, tore the top and backing, left a trail of tiny blue dots of backing fabric thread, and stopped all quilting for the duration. Rats.
Mr Wazoo leapt into action, leaving his quilt to languish on the frame, while he doctored my machine...all day. Everything he tried didn't work out the problem. He had the repair video going on the laptop and went through all the steps over and over. Around 6 o'clock, I made him stop and have dinner. Tomorrow we'll start again and, hopefully, get the machine humming again.
On the bright side, I did get the binding made and sewn on my cheddar and Guatemalan fabric quilt, paid the bills, changed the sheets and did two loads of wash. I watched the first two lessons of this year's Craftsy block of the month. They are all about color; right down my alley. I also cut the sashing pieces for my Z's quilt for sewing on Wednesday.
My day just wasn't right without quilting. I sure hope the repairs go well tomorrow...
Stay tuned for up-dates.

Quilt all ready to go...until

Yikes! This rip was made by the needle break on the front and the back. I picked out the same motif twice before unloading the quilt and loading up muslin to try quilting after each repair.

These dots are broken threads pulled to the top from the backing fabric. The machine runs so fast, it was a second before I could turn it off when quilting. The damage was done.

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