Saturday, April 26, 2014

Un-quilting, re-quilting, and Mr Wazoo's beard

Today will be a rip-it day. I finished the interior portion of a customer quilt and began feathering the border, but the thread choice was really wrong and looked bad, in my opinion. Now, I will be taking out a feather that covers half the top border. Rats! I figure it's better than giving the customer a quilt with a glaring error on it. Should take a few hours, but with some lively bluegrass and folk music playing, it shouldn't be too painful. I will take a picture of it and another after I fix the problem. For now, I will be in 'un-quilting' mode.
Stay tuned!

Oh rats... I don't like this at all.

The design and thread  just aren't nice. So I took it all out.

Here is the quilt all done

This looks waaaay better! Brown thread and a swirly feather border treatment.

One month beard on Mr Wazoo. Looking good!

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