Thursday, September 4, 2014

Late night musings

Don't worry, Uncle Leo, we won't leave you behind!!
It has been a really long day here at Wazoo. We moved all the stuff out of the studio, swept and washed the floor, and then rearranged the two Gammills so they fit in the room. I'm sure that sounds easy to you, but it was heavy, dirty, tiring work. Once we load all the boxes and some furniture onto the truck on Saturday, we will move the small table and chairs back into the eat in kitchen area to make it look more like a regular house instead of a sweat shop!! Cool.
Along the way, we heard from the realtor that the builder hasn't put in the appliances yet and perhaps we should check on their status...I did just that, and it seems he thought we were ordering them. Oh rats. I called our salesperson at the local Sears store and after much chat and checking for any sign of a transaction, I ordered the appliances he had on his list, but never ordered. Oops. Well, the bright side is, three out of four were hugely on sale for Labor Day and we saved $800! Yippee! We won't be getting them at the house until next Tuesday (fingers crossed this goes well) and they will be installed after we have left town to go back to Florida. I sense another ride to Georgia in the near future to inspect everything and make sure we get what should be there! Hey, if this is the only glitch, I'm happy. We have built a house before, and hit quite a few snags in the process. This has been a smooth ride so far.
After going to Murdock for a board meeting, changing the sheets ( I forgot them in the dryer earlier in the day...can't think why. Duh) and answering emails, I am finally ready to go to bed.
I think that's a swell idea! Goodnight, dear readers, and good luck.

The 'new' studio layout

Shelving out, Mr Wazoo's Gammill in, stacked with bags of quilts ready for pick up

kitchen eating area full of stuff ready to go to the new home

boxes of fabric, books and patterns ready to go

even the front hall has stuff!

Uncle Leo has been displaced to the hallway. I washed his clothes and redressed him for football season

Poor Andy has to sleep in here!

Oh yes, we still have plenty of quilting to do!!

boxes stacked to the fan. My rooster looks out of place there, doesn't he?

bins of strips even Bonnie Hunter would drool over. Wipe you lips, girls, they're mine!

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