Tuesday, September 2, 2014

More quilting and packing

Last week was jam packed with activity! I have finished two custom orders and one big pantograph, as well as pack more of the sewing studio and my bedroom closet. Yikes!! We have over 100 boxes packed right now, and took 5 huge trash bags of clothes to the Goodwill.I feel like we are in a good place, move wise, and a fair place quilting wise.
My son Andy is coming to help with the first load to Georgia on Friday. He will be putting stuff in the big truck with Tim and riding up to Blairsville in the car with me. Equal opportunity visiting for both of us! I am totally excited to see the house (almost) all finished. Pictures will follow.
Enjoy some photos of our week here at Wazoo, and be glad it isn't you who's moving!

The wonderful stack and whack that I started last week and finished on Saturday.

outer border paisley feather, inner border piano keys, small border circles

pillow tuck border with close lines

All sashings with a triple pass swirl treatment

big stars quilting

Little stars quilting

a peek at the back

colorful scrap quilt

hard to see, but it is custom done

This is one BIG quilt!!!

modern wishbone pantograph

quilt of valor

patriotic quilting

What I'm working on now

Oooo!! Bare windows...no ribbons, stuffed friends,or fun pictures

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