Monday, October 13, 2014

Georgia (and quilts) on my mind

We just got back from the new house and I am already back at work on the pile of quilts I need to finish! Molly went along this time, and she was just as I expected her to be....awful! She puffed and panted for 600 miles! I don't know how she kept it up for so long. She does not Like to ride in the car!

Once we got to Georgia, we went shopping for a TV for the Dish installer to hook up for us. We had to get some other things, as well as get in some vittles for later. Along the road, we saw some bright red rockers and had to stop to see how much they were. Very nicely priced, two of them went back to the house with us. We also got a console to put the TV on and a new chair for Tim. A quick trip to Home Depot, and we added a rug to the mix. A little at a time, the place is starting to take shape.

Yippee! The TV works. See the red rocker? I used it because Tim hadn't put my Ikea chair together yet.

Sunrise from the deck. 

Looking in the front door, see Tim's new chair and Uncle Leo standing guard in the kitchen.

Molly is settling in quite well.

Tim got my chair together, but they didn't include the cover!! Good thing I have boxes of quilts!

Once we got home, I started in quilting and finished a beautiful applique quilt for a customer. I also quilted a baby quilt for my friend in Georgia. Tim will get that in the mail tomorrow. No matter how fast we go, the quilt number doesn't go down. I took in 5 more today! It looks like we will be quilting until they back up the truck to load the machines! That's okay with me since there is sure to be a lull at the new location until I get the word out about Wazoo.

Yee-haw! Cowboy baby quilt

I love the back!

Customer applique quilt

I guess that's why its called 'Hop to it"

Here is the back

Tomorrow is another day! I need to get my emails caught up and hit the hay. Happy quilting!

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