Sunday, October 19, 2014

Raffle quilt top done...and Packers won!

Today was a good day all around for me. The Packers beat the socks off the Panthers and I got the borders made and sewed onto the raffle quilt. I set in some of the leftover blocks on point to add interest. It's ready for its debut at guild Tuesday night.
It is pretty big, so this is looking at the quilt as it will be on the bed

This view shows the rest of the quilt. This is the part that will go over the pillows.

Yesterday, I finished up a quilt with an all over pattern on my machine, because it wouldn't fit on Mr Wazoo's table. I also did two pillow shams to match it. Mr Wazoo stayed busy quilting a Harley Davidson tee shirt quilt. He has done several quilts last week, as well as keep working on the yard and garage.

Giant customer quilt I did yesterday

Harley tee shirt quilt

Mr Wazoo did this one...

and this one...

and this one, too!

I told you it was big! This is the view from the back of my table.

The men come tomorrow at 7:30 (ugh!) to start tearing up the master bathroom. I have wanted this done since we moved in. Oh well, the next people will get the new bathroom. I moved all our stuff out of there and into the guest bath and am thinking of sleeping in the guest room so I don't have to be up and dressed at 7AM! 
Tomorrow, I have to get the prop blocks sewn for my class on Wednesday and finish writing the instructions. It seems I packed the original instructions and moved them to Georgia with my studio stuff. Rats! I know the quilt well, so it shouldn't be too hard to re-write them. While I was at the fabric shop, I bought some fabric to make the class quilt out of, too. Seems I didn't plan ahead when I packed all my fabric and moved it. Duh.

This is the quilt for the class I'm teaching on Wednesday

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