Monday, December 29, 2014

Rain and fog on the mountain

It has been rainy and foggy for a couple of days here, giving us a good reason to stay indoors and paint, hang pictures and continue to unpack.The guest room is almost finished; all it lacks are window treatments. I ordered some valances, and the rep from Home Depot is coming soon to measure for blinds. Yippee! One room done!
The black blob ruining the window view is Tim's new has been moved!

Don't fret! The peeing dog outside the door is made of paper mache!

I haven't found the quilts for the rack yet. The box is buried somewhere in the garage.

The view out the window, sans grill!

Christmas day, Molly and I  took off for a short walk up the road. I noticed that I could see the church on Lower Owltown Road! We took a ride one day and passed this wonderful little country church! The nice thing about Winter is the views are enhanced by no leaves on the trees. Oh, and a perch on top of a mountain helps, too.
Can you see it?

Now, can you see it? Pretty small, but the steeple really stands out.

That brings us back to yesterday. With the weather a bit yukky, it was impossible to see the church...or just about anything a mile or more away. I love how every day the view changes. The clouds were hanging low and looked like smoke drifting through the mountains.

'Smoky' looking clouds in the mountains

You can really see it here.
Someone is building this house on our road, and it is absolutely on the edge of a cliff!! That deck sticks out over a really steep drop!! Not my cup of tea, but a nice view...

Home again, home again, jiggly jog. Just before the next rainfall!

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