Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tick tock tick tock...

Two day until Christmas, and we have been sooooo busy! The electrician got all the lights and fan up in the studio, the TV is mounted to the wall, and tomorrow, some of the trim will go on. Yippee!! It is starting to look like a studio.
 The mess in the kitchen is clearing up, too! I can't believe how much stuff I had to put away there. We thought the kitchen had way more storage than the Florida house, but forgot we also had the second pantry closet and garage cabinets to store things in. I'm paring down as I go.
Wahoo! I found my snuggle quilt for the sofa.

Our little bit of Christmas.

This would drive some people nuts, but to me, it is fond memories of people and places I love.

Counter space!!! Cooking here is wonderful.

New washer and dryer.

The little tree is so pretty with just lights and bows on it, I haven't thought of the strung popcorn until now. I guess I will do that when I finish this!
Everybody is pooped after a long day putting away stuff.

Self portrait, relaxing by the fire.

Our living tree.

Molly helping me with the laundry.

More on Christmas. Stay good...Santa is watching!

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