Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Magic block class in Englewood

I had a fun and productive day in Englewood with the ladies from the Holiday Travel Park. We all worked our quilty tails off making the Magic Block quilt and trading stories. It never fails to amaze me how connected quilters are, even when meeting for the first time. Bernie had us up and doing exercises to loosen up after sewing for a while and thy worked! I sewed all day without the shoulder and back discomfort I usually get. Well done, Bernie! After a huge lunch of pizza and antipasti salad, we returned to our machines and everyone finished at least one block. Betsy had hers done and three borders on by the end of the day. I plan to get my top finished at Nifty Fifty tomorrow.
Thanks to the ladies for a wonderful day! Now, if I could just place the names with the ladies...I would be a happy camper.
Everyone hard at work

Shirley sewing strip sets

I'm having a senior moment and can't remember the gal on the left's name...Val? Oh dear, she was so happy, too.
Diane had the brightest fabrics of the group. Real eye poppers!

I want to say Joyce, but that probably isn't right.
Yikes! I am getting forgetful.

Bernie at the cutting board. The mural makes me feel like a day at the beach.

This line-up makes me happy!

Irma made her blocks with hand dyed fabrics. Cool!

Diane said she was 'out of her box' with these pretty fabrics

Betsy has her top almost done!

Sharlane made a pretty block to match her pretty smile.

Jan used modern colors in her blocks. Wow!

I hope her name is Joann or Judy, but whatever it is, I love her fabrics!

Bernie with two of her blocks.

Judy made one row! Good job!

I like how Shirley's orange frame compliments the block colors.

Chain piecing is alive and well!!

It is the only way to get the job done faster!

Maybe I blocked this nice lady's name because I accidentally
picked up her block as mine...and her ruler! I promise I am not
trying to rob you!!

Another wonderful color combination.

Bazinga! Those blocks demand attention.

Ooooh! What a lovely stack of purple happiness!