Saturday, June 14, 2014

A look back

I was cleaning up my computer files and came across some pictures from our guild class with Bonnie Hunter. If you ever wonder what makes me so happy every day, it is this; quilting! A little chain piecing and pretty soon, a whole quilt top. Put it on the longarm, and soon, it's a quilt! Honestly, I just love making quilts. It is my Zen.
Sewing at my nifty Sew-Ezi table Mr Wazoo gave me for Christmas

Chain piecing blocks

Just keep adding the next one and ...

Voila! The finished quilt!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Easiest quilt in the world tutorial

I have never posted a tutorial before, but this quilt is so cute, quick and easy, I felt it needed to be put out there. I first saw it at a quilt show demo in Fort Myers, Florida, and would like to give them props for the idea. I have made at least ten of these so far, as they are the perfect size for two of my guild's charity quilts for kids. It is also a great size for a last minute baby shower gift.
So, without further ado, the easiest quilt in the world.

For a 38 x 48 inch quilt, you will need 10 width of fabric strips cut 5" wide.

Begin by sewing the strips together into a 10 strip wide set, pressing each seam in the opposite direction as the previous one.
See how the seams are pressed? This will be important later!
When the strip set is finished, sew the first strip to the last strip, making a tube.

Lay the tube with the strips vertical, and cut 5" segments. You should get 8 of these.

Pick a fabric to be your upper left corner of the quilt. Pick out the stitching ABOVE this fabric, releasing the strip from its tube shape. With the second strip, pick out the stitches between the corner fabric and the one just below it. Continue doing this until all the strip sets are flat, and not tubes.

Because you pressed the seams in opposite directions, the strips will nest together nicely when you sew them together! Sew the strips in the order you un-picked them to get the diagonal effect shown. Or, mix 'em up, if you want! They always look cute because of the variety of fabrics.

Press well (I pressed mine all to one side because that was fast), sandwich and quilt.

All quilted and bound, ready to be loved by a lucky child!

I used all sorts of fun prints for this one.

I dug into the stash of cowboy prints and made seven of these!

More cowboy prints.
Thanks for looking at this tutorial! I hope you like making this easy quilt as much as I do! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Disconnected Piecers 2014 Retreat

I went up to Sarasota for a few fun filled quilty days with the girls in the guild, and we had a blast! I had the time to get caught up on my mystery block of the month from my other guild as well as make the challenge quilt for yet another guild. After those were finished, I managed to get my next retreat project quilt half done! We all went shop-hopping, ate a lot of junk food (yum), drank a bit of sangria (thanks, Arleen) had a pizza party and an ice cream social (oooo! banana splits!). Now, I am back home, on a diet and working at the Gammill. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!
Enjoy the slideshow.

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