Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Busy start to the week

Both Mr Wazoo and I have been really busy quilting and making our plans for the speed trip to Georgia on Thursday. The quilts have co operated by being straight and flat, and the machines have been humming along without a problem.
Today, I finished up a huge quilt by mid-afternoon, so I loaded my latest Nifty Fifty finish and quickly quilted it with a concentric circle pattern. Tomorrow, I will get the binding on at sewing group, and finish up borders on two other tops I have been working on.
Miss Molly has been resting up for the big first trip to the new house. I secretly hope she will be a good girl in the car and not cry all the way there. We'll see.
More quilting on Thursday!

My first quilt of the week was this fishing quilt

My friend Terri and I made this commissioned quilt for a customer. Now, it just needs binding

I quilted this Carpenter's star quilt

Mr Wazoo had deja vu when doing two french braid quilts in a row!

This is the second one

He also did this quilt made from vintage blocks

This is the customer's first quilt! Pretty nice!

I quilted this bear paw cutie.

I also quilted this unicorn and princesses pink bedspread for a little 5 year old great granddaughter of our customer.

Mr Wazoo quilted this nice tee shirt quilt

I quilted this vintage top today. It is BIG!

Here is my own quilt, ready for binding

Swirly and circles quilting

Lovin' the orange.

Molly, deep in preparation for her big journey