Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Another trip to Georgia

It's deja vu all over again... here we are in Georgia unpacking a truck and gazillion boxes. Well, maybe not that many, but scads of stuff. I thought we had downsized before we packed, but we are getting rid of even more stuff now that we are here trying to find a place to put it all!
Tim shaved a 1/4 inch off the bases of the dining room cabinets to get them to fit close to the wall. The saw made Molly so scared, I thought it would be good to take her to see the new road and neighborhood. Up the road we went, taking in the cool morning air and woodland sounds. We walked to the new construction and then chickened out for the huge hill. When I am in better shape we'll take it on. Back to the entrance and then home. Lots of up and down hills, and some rest stops along the way.
We were so tired last night, we turned in at 9 pm! When you do that, you are wide awake at 5:30. I don't see too many sunrises, so it was a treat. I wish I had taken the picture a few minutes earlier when the sky was fiery red, but Molly needed to go, and that takes precedence!
No sewing yet...I'm not sure, but I think the retreat quilt project got a free ride to Georgia without being worked on. We have to take back the truck, go to Walmart yet again, and drop in at the Home Depot for some replacement light bulbs for the kitchen.
Enjoy your day!

The view I had for 600 miles

our nearest neighbor

our house

Molly enjoyed the outdoors

cozy fire in the evening

our sleeping quarters. Don't you like the bedside 'tables'?

Cabinets in and the cover finally on my chair!

Front porch with the new rockers...sweet!

Sunrise over the mountain

Construction happening up the road from us. This house really hangs over the cliff. Very scary looking!

The road home .