Monday, January 12, 2015

A long day with progress made!

We have worked all day in the studio and it doesn't look like we have made a very big dent in what needs to be done. I'm pooped!!
Tim painted the back wall a beautiful periwinkle color as an accent in the all white room. We also bought some lime green and some fuchsia paint, too, but you'll have to wait to see where we put those!
Tim prepares to paint

One coat done

All done!

I began the arduous task of unpacking fabric and finding places to put it where I will have the best access to what's there. I quickly filled the 8 wire bins and we decided we could easily add at least two more to the cabinet. Another trip to Ikea is on the horizon...
Ikea wire basket units

Baskets full of pretty color

The five cabinets behind my machine are all in place and ready for fabric. It is taking longer than I thought it would to unpack and sort the fabric to where I want it to be. Tomorrow, I will work hard to at least have half done.
Wall of shelves for my stash

Shelf wall, my machine and the cutting table

Starting the fabric sorting

New rug is in place, too!

Now its time to boil up some spaghetti and have a sit down in my comfy chair!! The living spaces are looking good!
Time for supper!!

I put my chicken collection on top of the display shelves.

All we need are the window coverings!

Come back and see what happens next!

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  1. You are making wonderful progress! It would be exciting to fill up all those shelves! The last time I moved a girlfriend helped me take one load to the new location. The reality company had a box truck that you could borrow for free! All you had to do was fill it with gas. Well, the load we took was my sewing stuff. I had stopped counting at 46 boxes! We had filled the entire truck!


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