Thursday, January 29, 2015

Snow?!... Won't stop this girl!

Yesterday was the first time to go to the big guild here in Blairsville, and I wasn't going to let a skim of snow ruin it! Fortunately for me, the sun came out and the roads were fine. I miss snow...I'm from Wisconsin, and we know snow! This little dusting was enough to stir my northern soul and the nip in the air made me feel really alive. Hot weather just doesn't do it for me; I am a cold weather gal!
First light, and I see snowflakes!

Oh yeah...

I'm glad it was melting when I had to leave. I hate scraping windows.

Along the drive to guild, I snapped a picture of the mountains with snow still on top.

I love it! I know some people think this is bleak looking, but I think it is beautiful.

The guild meeting was nice, and Stephanie and I joined. We met some nice quilters and  had a good time chatting and seeing some quilts. I am especially looking forward to the Hugs and Kisses sew day where it is more relaxed and we actually get something accomplished. Meetings are fine, but I want to make something!
Here are the quilts we finished yesterday and today.
Tim did this baby quilt
I quilted this darling quilt
detail of the quilting the customer wanted.
This is one of my UFOs from a retreat. It is the disappearing pinwheel pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Co.
I quilted it light custom; no rulers or templates, just fun free motion!
Simple but nice!
Tim quilted this Kaffe project. I love the fabrics.
While I was off at guild, Tim painted and installed the peg-board for my specialty rulers.

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