Monday, January 26, 2015

Three finishes on a dreary day

Not much to say except BOOYAH! Three quilts done. Two for customers and one for charity. Tomorrow, (unless we have snow or ice) I go to guild for the first time!! Yippee!

I love the way the pantograph made this great texture!

Simple, yet effective.

My friend's hexie 'Science Project' quilt

Quilted like the picture on the pattern.

Colorful and modern looking.

I made this while teaching it in a class. Major fail with the fabrics! Both medium in value and just fall flat. A murky mess, but someone will like it to warm their lap in the nursing home.

I love this backing fabric. I bought it in Pennsylvania in an Amish shop. Pretty wild colors for men's shirting! It was 54 inches wide, so I bought yards of it and have used almost all of it. I guess I'll have to go back and see if they have any more...

Too bad...I like the two fabrics. The next one of this pattern will be scrappy, darks and lights.

Poor Molly, sick again and puking blood. These bouts only last a day or two, but are very hard on both pup and people. She laid low most of the day in the recliner near my machine.

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