Friday, January 30, 2015

Working and loving' it!

We both worked hard today and had a wonderful time together in the new studio. My first Blairsville customer came and dropped off three quilts. I'm stoked to get going on them, but need to do the few remaining Florida ones first. Mr Wazoo finished all of his pantograph quilts, so he is free to move on to something else until he gets some customers. I see a clean garage in our future.
I finished the back of the tee shirt quilt today, got it quilted and applied the binding. I have to do the tan and black quilt's binding first, but will have the tee shirt one done this weekend. I plan to watch the PBS version of Pride and Prejudice (all 8 hours of it) while I do handwork. Then, there will be the Super Bowl...I won't be watching the pre-game stuff, but we will watch the game after work.
Meanwhile, enjoy looking at some customer quilts!
Mr Wazoo did this black and tan beauty. I got the binding made and just have to do the hand sewing.

Another project quilted by Mr Wazoo. He's on fire!!

I like this pattern.

Yippee! Tee shirt quilt is quilted and ready for binding.

This is the back.

I used simple quilting to not detract from the busy patterns of the tee shirts.

I spy...animals! Tim did this one ,too

A very bright booth sample for my Florida customer. 

Pretty and fun to quilt sweet.

I just love the wild colors.

Our latest addition to the studio.

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