Thursday, February 12, 2015

A better day

Today was a much nicer day than yesterday. I got a good night's sleep and felt better because of it. Off to work!
I finished the small wall hanging while Mr Wazoo quilted a beautiful traditional quilt for a Florida customer. I will be taking the Florida quilts along when I go to Punta Gorda for show week.

All finished

The quilt Tim quilted

Pantograph: Brocade

Lovely backing, too!

During the day, Tim changed out the quilt by the door of the studio for the new barn quilt. It looks so bright and cheerful there.
Bound and finished! Hanging by the door in the studio.

Simple quilting did the trick!

After dinner, I hand sewed the binding on the Kaffe Fassett quilt. I have it over me this chilly night while I write this entry for you! Quilts are made to be used and loved, and this one is doing its job well.

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