Friday, March 6, 2015

Fun in the studio with Tim and Susan

What a fun day we had today! I quilted this wonderfully colorful wall hanging and didn't have a single thread break, hiccup from the machine or brain fart while doing it. Felt good.

Tim worked this wintry scene of chickadees on bare branches. We thought long and hard about the pattern, and decided snowflakes would be the perfect choice for the fabric design and the red in the quilt.

After lunch, I took a nice walk in the cool, sunny day with Molly. I am really enjoying the Georgia winter weather. Not too cold during the day and colder at night for great sleeping! 
Next on my side of the quilt rack is this quilt of valor. I got all the stitch in the ditch done and tomorrow, I will begin the custom work. It's a beautiful quilt, too.

Tim got his next quilt started, as well, then we quilt for the day. Hamburgers on the grill, fries, okra and fresh orange slices for supper. Dateline on the tube. Yup, it has been a swell day.
Tim's quilt in progress.

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