Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hurry Up!!

Just a note before I start quilting today. We are going to Texas to see my folks next week, so I have to hurry up and get the quilts up to date as well as get our taxes finished and in the mail. Oh drat! I hate doing the taxes...
Yesterday, I quickly quilted one of my tops and get the binding on so I would have handwork for tonight's TV watching.

Mr Wazoo was busy, too! We are in overdrive getting things done.

In the afternoon, I started this happy pumpkin quilt. The customer did a wonderful job on the buttonhole applique. I notice these things since my face is so close to the quilt! I really like looking at the details on the quilts I do for other people. This will be fun to quilt once the stitch in the ditch is finished. I am off to the studio to get the quilting started!

It's a family affair here at Wazoo...Molly is waiting to play when we take a break. She travels with her skunk toy. What a hoot she is.

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