Thursday, March 26, 2015

Second Lone Star center repaired!

Last night and today I worked on the second customer Lone Star quilt repair.There were 14 diamonds to replace after I gave it a good going over. The entire center star needed to be replaced, and no two diamonds were the same. I had to make a pattern for each diamond, then applique new diamonds in place. The quilt kept the wonky center seam, but with new fabrics.

I had to lay the star on the floor, because I have a secret project on the design wall.
This is the second star with all it's 14 new diamonds.

Close-up of the fixed wonky center star 
Tomorrow is my class in Clarksville. Another adventure for Wazoo! The road there is a twisty mountain road. I'm glad the class is during the day! Unfortunately, it is supposed to rain.
Stay tuned for details!

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