Monday, March 16, 2015

The Stupids step out

Today was the talk and trunk show day, and Mr Wazoo had me print out three different ways to get to our destination of Grayson, Georgia. He chose to take the 'super highway' route instead of the winding road through the mountains. Bad choice. From Cumming to Grayson there must have been 50 or more stop lights, and all of them were red. Add road construction and Atlanta rush hour traffic, and you have an adventure gone wrong. Fortunately, we left the house at 2:30, thinking that would give us time to get to Grayson with an hour or so to get supper before my 6:15 meeting. We arrived at 6:10! Whew!
The highlight of our arrival was meeting a second cousin I have never seen before! My Dad has done some genealogical research for his family and found the branch with Gigi in it. She came from Stone Mountain to see us and stayed for the presentation. Our family is so small, it is a hoot to meet another
Parker faction.

My 'new' cousin, Gigi

The talk went without incident, and the ladies were the perfect audience. This is a wonderful guild, a happy, chatty group of quilting sisters. At the end of the talk, I gave away a quilt to one lucky quilter, and it turned out this was her first meeting as a member!
Twenty quilts ready for their debut
The attentive audience
The winner of a Wazoo quilt!

We took the winding road way home and after two and a half white knuckle hours, arrived in time for a dish of ice cream and the news. Poor Molly got sick in the car on the trip down, but did fine on the ride home. Everybody is ready for a good night's sleep and a fresh start tomorrow in the studio.
Thank you, Quilters in Stitches! I had a great time.

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