Friday, April 24, 2015

A Really Quilty Day

Yesterday, I stayed in the studio most of the day, working on two customer quilts. The first was a raw edged flowers quilt done in shabby chic colors. I had never done a quilt with so many un-sewn parts! Finally, I decided to go around the centers and echo the flowers with leaves in the corners. It turned out very soft and pretty.

The next project was a tee shirt quilt made by a young woman for her evening TV watching on the sofa at home. She went to North Georgia University, and belongs to Phi Mu sorority. I love the quilt she made with her college tees! The backing is a snuggly flannel, perfect for the sofa.
Phi Mu tee shirt quilt

Soft flannel backing

Mr Wazoo spent the day outside, planting the rest of the specimens we bought the day before, and preparing the bed for whatever plants we find at the Garden Club sale on Saturday. The dogwood is nearly past peak, so I took some pictures of the flowers to show you.
I think dogwoods are one of the prettiest of the flowering trees!
Beautiful day and trees finally getting their leaves!
A trip to the dump rounded off the otherwise perfect day. I guess I'm a bubble off plumb, but I like going to the dump. My Dad used to take us to the dump when we were kids, and it was a fascinating place. The dump in Blairsville is so tidy, you wouldn't know it was a dump! There weren't many people there, so the trash building was nearly empty and the guy was all the way in it on his bulldozer. We dumped our bags and made our way home on the picturesque road that takes you there.
Slow day at the city dump
Mr Wazoo doing his manly duty

Even the road to and from the dump is nice!
Later in the evening was the Pieceful Mountain Quilt Guild, so I think it had to be an almost perfect day, in retrospect! Now, it's time to go to the studio and see what magic unfolds today.

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