Thursday, April 9, 2015

Deep in the Heart of Texas

After a two day haul, we arrived in south Texas to see my folks and my sister. We drove through rain and fog, heat and wind, but made it without incident.
Dogwoods in bloom in South Georgia

Really foggy in Alabama

Over the bridge into Louisiana

And then there is East Texas. Flat...dry...boring.

On the horizon, a city and an oil refinery

Hundreds of miles with this view

Cotton seed storage on the outskirts of Harlingen

We recovered nicely after a wonderful dinner, and toady, I went with my sister to her quilt guild, The Killer Bees. Don't you love that name?! The 'bees' had a great time watching a demo of mitering border corners, and then a fun show and tell.

The Killer Bees chatting before the meeting
These name tags are funny!
Some of the bees are different
This nice snippet quilt was the project used for the mitering demonstration
These bee ladies were discussing binding

The girl on the left was visiting her mother and brought her fabulous show quilt to share with the group.

When we arrived home after a fine Mexican lunch, Mr Wazoo was working in the yard, weeding and mulching my Dad's flower beds. I'm glad its overcast and windy, so he doesn't faint from the heat!!

What a nice son-in-law!

A garden visitor1

My Mother

My Dad making sandwiches and Tim taking a break. I made that cactus wall hanging when I was in High School!! Parents are the greatest! They still have it on display.

My sister's house
More news from the Parker's house tomorrow!

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