Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Back at work, and picking is done

My friend/customer, Kay, finished the embellishment of her 'Toast to Toulouse' quilt, and it is truly stunning! The beadwork and crystals add just the right amount of bling. She has sent her entry off to Houston, so keep your fingers crossed that it gets accepted.

I did the stitch in the ditch on the customer Halloween quilt today in between trips to town with my newspaper ad copy and sample logo. The ad will start next week here in the North Georgia News.
Land of friendly me!
 It comes once a week to around 10,000 homes as well as restaurants and hotels. Surely, someone out there wants some quilting done! We'll see.

 We stopped on the way home and bought enough plants to finish the perennial garden along the side of the woods. Tim has done a great job preparing the area and putting in all those plants over the last month or so. In a year or two it will be full with blooms and pretty foliage. There sure were a lot of rocks in there!! You can see where Tim has made a border with the smaller ones and reserved the bigger ones (up by the trees) for the future fire pit area in the back yard.
Everything may look small from the deck, but it will all grow and fill the space with a myriad of colors and heights of foliage.
The other end has some larger spring flowering shrubs and Mr. Fox garden sculpture. Tim dug out all those rocks by hand!! What a guy.

The two plants on the far left are zucchini and yellow squash.
Trust me, you only need one of each!

After supper, I set to the task of picking out the grand error I did yesterday with the vintage block quilt. I really like how the quilt is going to look, so it is worth a couple of hours of picking while the TV drones on in the background. 
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Yippee!! I finally picked out the last seam. I have to add new sashings and re-sew the setting triangles and corner.
Here are the setting triangles and corner piece. Isn't this cute fabric?
Tomorrow after work, I go to Blue Ridge for my favorite guild up here--the Pieceful Mountain Quilters. Its a small group, kind of disorganized and loose, but oh so friendly! I almost wish I lived closer...almost. The second lone star restoration and finishing will be shown before the lucky customer gets it back. I hope she likes it! But then, who wouldn't?
After quilting and before binding
Draped over my sofa. Kind of lumpy, but you get the drift.

 Time for Georgia Mysteries on the tube! Later, quilters!

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