Thursday, May 7, 2015

Friends, Family, Flowers and Fido

The last three days have been spent cutting out pieces for quilts. My next quilt is all cut out and ready for assembly, and today, members of the guild cut out 20 kits to make the quilt I will be demonstrating next Monday.
Yesterday, we had a surprise visit from a Florida friend with her husband and daughter in law! Andrea just graduated from her nurse practitioner school and they were celebrating the event. I showed them the studio and the house, and we caught up on all the news from 'Down-below'.
Andrea, Jeanette and Me
Today ,while I was at the cutting extravaganza, Mr Wazoo made a trip to Greenville, SC to visit his 93 year old mother. I used to teach school in the classroom next to hers long before I knew Mr Wazoo. We have been friends for 39 years, and family for 33! I couldn't ask for  a more active and spirited Mother in law. She is a gem.
My good friend and Mother in law, Pam
Two of my favorite people!!
When Tim got home, we spent some time on the porch watching the squirrel siblings rollicking and frollicking in the tree. Mama squirrel took a trip down to the corn cobs we hung at the lower part of the tree, but the babies don't go down there.
Keeping an eye on things outside
Meanwhile, I got some lovely flowers from one of my twin girls for Mother's Day. She and her twin just had a birthday on Tuesday. I can't believe my babies are 37! My oldest daughter is 41, so the feeling of geezerness has already set in.
And they smell terrific, too!
The youngest of my four kids in a birthday selfie
Molly spent the afternoon close to her bed, afraid of the thundering going on outside. Mr Wazoo is happy his garden was watered for him by the rain!
Tomorrow, SHOP HOP!!!
My timid little girl

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