Friday, May 29, 2015

Fruitful Friday at Wazoo

This post has loads of pictures, but it is worth a look. I finished the Halloween quilt for my customer and it is so cute, I can hardly control my glee. Just look at these blocks!! Too cute, and a blast to quilt.
The quilt is called Sew Spooky

Bats and candy corn in the borders

ha ha! Ghoul School!

I added a face to the pumpkin

I quilted ghosts into some of the backgrounds

This block gets some spider embellishments, so I added a web!

Cute just like this, but wait...

there's a surprise under the quilt

spider webs quilted into the sashing

The back looks cool, too!

After finishing the Halloween quilt, I went to work on the vintage block quilt that I did all the un-sewing on a couple of nights ago. I added the sashing that was missing and then added an inner border of the sashing dot fabric and an outer border of 40s funky fruit fabric. I like how it looks! The backing will be a  turquoise fabric with tiny red berries on it. Quilting it will have to wait, but it's on the hanger and ready for a spare hour for quilting fun.
Ta da! The quilt top is finished!
I just love how the funky fifties fabrics look with the dots and cherries. The border was perfect for this. I'm glad I bought it all those years ago without knowing how the heck I was going to use it.

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