Friday, May 22, 2015

Fun with quilting at the Wazoo studio!

Mr Wazoo and I had the machines humming today; him with a customer quilt and me with the quilt for an AQS award winning quilter! I could be intimidated by it, but the quilt is so beautiful, I loved working on it all day.
Stitch in the ditch and backgrounds done!

Kay painted all the background images!

Toulouse in his gloryTomorrow, I will finish the outer border, and perhaps the lighter skin areas. I am having the maker look at it first to see if she wants quilting on those parts. It is difficult to quilt over skin areas in quilts. Skin doesn't have lines all over it, so is a challenge to portray with thread on fabric. That is why Kay's quilts are such masterpieces. She can make a realistic portrait from snips of fabric. I am in awe.

Her face is really well done in fabric!

Hand shading and quilting

Where I left the quilt for the night...she looks like she is offering me some wine!
This is the stock photo that inspired the quilt. It reminded me of someone...

No, not Molly!

Cristina Hendricks!

Oh yeah, totally off the subject...we had a turkey in the back yard this morning. I tried to take her picture, but she was skitterish and ran into the woods when I came outside. I will be watching for turkeys now, as well as the elusive hummingbirds!
Now...where's my wine?

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