Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Oops! Keep that picker handy!!

My Memorial day sewing started with looking through the drawers of vintage blocks I have acquired from all kinds of people and places over the years. The ones I chose to play with are the most varied and really not too pretty. All I remember is that the person who gifted them to me said she would never use them because they are so ugly. I do love a challenge!
After starching, pressing and squaring up, the blocks were ready for experimenting with. Unfortunately, the piecer didn't know she was supposed to leave a seam allowance all around the edges, so all the outer points are cut off! I think I will call this quilt It's Pointless.
Arranging the blocks, I finally decided to go with an on point layout.

Then I thought they needed sashing. After trying many fabrics, I decided on this lively polka dot.

I started sewing the rows after picking a cherries print for the setting triangles. So far, so good...

As the day wore on, I think I must have gotten goofy. Now, there is a load of picking and re-sewing in my future. A huge OOPS!!! Seven sashings are missing! Drat! See, it even happens to quilters who are supposed to know what they are doing.
To ease the pain, Molly and I had a walkie. Can't help but feel better after some time on the mountain.

Molly says, "Hurry up!!"

Blue Ridge Mountains beauty.

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