Sunday, June 14, 2015

Machines humming at Wazoo

Mr Wazoo quilted two customer quilts today while I worked on the pieces of the tee shirt quilt project. I cut most of the smaller logos into circles and appliqued them either to backgrounds or other blocks. Two of the circles made swell wheels for a bicycle! The frame is black fabric fused and sewn down to a background block. The socks were a bit tricky, but after cutting them apart carefully, I was able to apply the fusable interfacing and trim them into sock shapes! Once I have the columns sashed and sewn, I will move the sock row to somewhere nearer the center. I hope tomorrow will see the other columns coming together and maybe even being sewn together! Fingers crossed!
I finished sewing the binding down on our new bed quilt last night, and got it on the bed this morning. I'm going there right now to test it out! Good night.
Mr W did this bright quilt today
This pretty quilt was also done by the Wazoo man
All the pieces are sewn down and I am ready to start the column sewing
Do you see the bicycle? How about the snazzy socks?
I put on the new quilt. It is more of a bedspread size than coverlet.

The colors are deeper in person, but it still looks cheerful!

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