Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Quilts are in the show...rock walls are finished!

While I as in Blue Ridge today I stopped in to see the fiber arts show that my quilts are in. They are mostly well lit (only the pineapple quilt is in the dark) and the quilting really pops. I tried to take pictures, but they don't begin to show how nice the quilts are. The colors came out all wrong (must be the lights) and each has a blob of light on it. That didn't show in person. Oh well, I know they are fun, pretty quilts, so you will just have to take my word for it!
Penny Piper Picked a Peck of Perky Pineapples
same quilt, different lighting

Pickle Dish Polka
same quilt spread on my guest bed

Second Generation (small quilt mid- frame)
same quilt, different venue

Snazzy Seminole
Same quilt, different show

Swimming Upstream
Same quilt, nice venue

Back at the house, the boulder men were finishing up the rock wall/garden, and getting busy in the front yard with another retaining wall/garden.
I can't believe how much work these two guys (and Tim) got done in just three days!
Around 100 tons of boulders are now imbedded in our yard!
The back is now done, except for the planting

Tim re-seeded and laid down straw
Now, for the front!
Digging out the slope to bury the rocks about half way
These rocks are so heavy, when he lays it down, we feel the vibration in the ground...BOOM!
Evening up the front of the area. The retaining wall goes here, then he fills in
behind it with rocks and dirt
The wall is taking shape
The other guy fills in with dirt around the rocks
This is so cool!!
Looks good! Tim will be busy planting for a while, I think.
Leftover rocks dress up the shade plant area
Mr Clean, doing his evening sweep

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